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Celia Rees has written over twenty novels and has become a leading writer for Young Adults with an international reputation. The chance discovery of an old family cookery book has taken her writing in a new direction. In 2012, she began researching and writing her first novel for adults, Miss Graham's Cold War Cookbook, published by HarperCollins in May 2020.

Miss Graham's Cold War Cookbook


An ordinary woman. A book of recipes. The perfect cover for spying

Sent to Germany in the chaotic aftermath of World War II, Edith Graham is finally getting the chance to do her bit. Having taught at a girls’ school during the conflict, she leaps at the opportunity to escape an ordinary life – but Edith is not everything she seems to be.

Under the guise of her innocent cover story, Edith has been recruited to root out Nazis who are trying to escape prosecution. Secretly, she is sending coding messages back to the UK, hidden inside innocuous recipes sent to a friend – after all, who would expect notes on sauerkraut to contain the clues that would crack a criminal underground network?

But the closer she gets to the truth, the muddier the line becomes between good and evil. In a dangerous world of shifting loyalties, when the enemy wears the face of a friend, who do you trust?


18th March 2020

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"What Rees does frighteningly well is build up the slow tension in her stories."
The Guardian

"Compelling and convincing… Rees has become a major writer for teenage readers."
The Independent

"Rees’s outstanding fiction carries both historical and psychological conviction"
Books for Keeps

"Well-known for her ability to write gripping stories featuring strong, intelligent female characters"
The Financial Times

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