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The Craft: Celia’s advice for writers

All writers are different. Some began writing when they were children. Others, like me, didn’t start until they were grown up. Some write every day, others when they have time, or when they feel like it. Some plan meticulously, others never plan anything.

Getting started

There are no rules about creativity. These are just some tips for getting started, collecting ideas and how to turn your ideas into a story:

Writing horror

If you want to write scary stuff, or horror – here are ten tips – just for you.

Useful links

The number of children’s book sites is growing. They vary in usefulness and some of the views expressed are very personal and quirky, but some of the best are very good indeed and offer a great way of finding out what’s out there and what people are reading. Some of them offer readers the chance to submit their own reviews; others offer help to writers and the opportunity get their work read by others.

Anyone wanting to get published should check out http://www.helpineedapublisher.blogspot.com/ for help and advice.

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