Celia Rees

Blood Sinister

Blood Sinister cover


Ellen Forrest is sick, she feels as if the life is being sucked out of her. The doctors think that she is suffering from a disease of the blood, and she has been sent to her grandmother's house to rest, but she seems to be getting worse, not better. Can it have anything to do with the diaries she has found in the attic? Diaries written in Victorian times by her great great grandmother. Diaries that describe an encounter with a handsome young Count who comes from the Land Beyond the Forest. 

Ellen likes a vampire story, who doesn't? The difference is that this one just happens to be true…

Celia’s comments

I wrote Blood Sinister because I wanted to write a book about a vampire. I’d been to see Francis Ford Coppola’s film, ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’, and immediately re-read the book. I’d first read it when I was about seventeen. I was at home, alone, my mother and brother had gone away somewhere. It was getting late, near bedtime, and I got to the part of the story where Jonathan Harker is shaving and Dracula is standing behind him, but he can’t see him in the mirror. I couldn’t go to bed. I would have to go to the bathroom, then the bedroom. There were mirrors. Even though it was late by now, I had to go and stay at my friend’s house. I remembered all that and wanted to write something that could instil the same kind of fear.


"A good old fashioned nerve jangler. Celia Rees skilfully weaves two contrasting stories together and comes up with a top tale of terror which will make your hair stand on end. Be warned. Do not read this book alone in the dark… Rees knows how to make your blood curdle." South China Sunday Post, September 2001

‘It was very easy to get into because even at the very beginning, it was so interesting and mystifying. It was written with both imagination and sincerity, a tale from the supernatural. It can be quite chilling at times so I’d recommend it as a 11-12+ book.’ Frankie, aged 12, A cool-read

‘This book was fantastic. If you like vampire stories, this is for you. I give extra credit for the magnificent detail in ‘flashback’ scenes.’ Lizzie, Aged 14, Melbourne, Australia

‘I thought this book was really good,there were loads of twists and turns to the story that I didnt expect! You can relate to the characters and I loved how the book kept flicking backwards and forwards from the past to the present.’ Mel, aged 15, Walsall England