Celia Rees

Soul Taker

Soul Taker cover


Lewis is overweight, unpopular, even his dad doesn’t like him very much. He really does not have a whole lot going for him until he goes to see Mr Ladslow, the local toy shop owner. Viktor Ladslow offers to change his life, but he will exact the most terrible price.

Celia’s comments

Is it just me, or do other people find some dolls creepy? Ventriloquists’ dummies, for example, and automata that seem to take on a life of their own.

Although this book contains elements of the supernatural, it is really about empowerment and finding your soul, your true self. Magic doesn’t transform Lewis, he does it himself though will power and a new sense of purpose. That is a kind of magic in itself. There are those, however, like Ladslow, who think of magic as altogether something else.


‘Like all of Celia Rees’s books it is very gripping, exciting and unusual.’ E.C., aged 14, cool-read website