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City of Shadows
A Trap in Time
The Host Rides Out

Davey Williams is a chime child, born when the clock stuck midnight. He has ‘the gift’, as his gran calls it. He is psychic. His gift is revealed on a ghost walk that he takes with his sister and cousins. The outing to the old town was meant to be fun, a birthday treat, but it is the beginning of a series of hair raising adventures, a year long battle with terrifying supernatural powers.

The trilogy was first published as the six-book H.A.U.N.T.S. series in the UK.

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Celia’s comments

I first had the idea for these books when I went on a ghost walk in Edinburgh. We went deep under the city into a dark, dank world where the guide told us that psychics could see ghosts as plainly as we could see each other. I thought ‘What if there were two cities existing one on top of the other? The one we inhabit and one peopled by ghosts?’ Not just ghosts, but other creatures from folk myth and fairy tale, some so terrible that even the ghosts fear them. By the time I left the vaults, I had enough of an idea to begin work on a series of books called HAUNTS, later re-published as City of Shadows, A Trap in Time and The Host Rides Out.

People often ask me if I believe in ghosts. I have to say, ‘I don’t know’, but I do believe in coincidence. A couple of years after HAUNTS was published, I was back in Edinburgh. Up in the Old Town, I found that a number of ghost walks had been cancelled or re-routed because of poltergeist activity, which is exactly what happens in The Host Rides Out.

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‘I was gripped from the very first page and the excitement grew until the climax at the end. It was unputdownable and I thoroughly enjoyed every page. It was written in a style that was easy to read and made you want to keep turning the pages until the very end.’ S.D. aged 13, A cool-read, A review of City of Shadows from the cool-read website