Celia Rees

The Vanished

The Vanished cover


There are all kinds of stories about the school, about the city: ghost stories, hauntings, mysterious disappearances. They make entertaining copy for the school newspaper, then Fraser begins to wonder if some of them might be true.

Celia’s comments

I love ‘real’ ghost stories – the kind people tell each other and believe to be true. I was a teacher for many years and visit lots of schools now I’m a writer, and I’ve seldom been in a school that doesn’t have a story about being haunted. Old, or new, the age of the buildings doesn’t seem to matter. Usually, it’s the toilets, but it could be classrooms, library, science labs, sports hall, stairs, or the foyer.

The Vanished begins in a haunted school and quickly spreads to a whole city. It is loosely based on Coventry and the stories I heard when I was a teacher there.


‘It was written in such a way that you couldn’t put the book down. You just couldn’t stop turning the pages.’ Laura, aged 12, cool-read website